Welcome to The Sacred Order. We respect the beauty of age. We honor the past lives of our products and the patinas that can only come from years cherishing an object.  We recognize the importance and symbolism that may be bestowed to these pieces. We honor their imperfections, as they add to their beauty and individuality. 

The Sacred Order has been uniting individuals with their future heirlooms since 2014.

The Owner

Wendy Wagner knew she always wanted to spend her days creating beautiful things - following this passion she moved from Southern California to San Francisco at the age of 18 to study drawing and painting. In the final year of earning her degree she took a class called Computers as an Art Medium, this ignited a passion for graphic design. After several years of doing page layout, catalog design and newsletters she craved something a bit more analog and back to her roots in painting - this is when she discovered textile design. 

Wendy enjoyed many years creating prints and artwork for the fashion industry. This path naturally led to managing creative teams and to apparel design. Wendy’s creativity flourished as a Design Director in the apparel industry where she could combine her love of color, texture, adornment and mentoring other creatives. 

This decade long career took her on shopping trips all over the world from New York to London, Paris, Antwerp, Barcelona and Milan. These far away places inspired a curiosity and desire to seek out rare items and fostered a passion for collecting antique jewelry and oddities. In 2014 a desire to share her love of these finds inspired Wendy to start an online shop and The Sacred Order was born.

Throughout my life I have created intense bonds with physical objects that encapsulate memories - my favorite of these objects has been jewelry. I love that I can live my life with these memories on my fingers or around my neck and make new connections with new pieces as I see fit. Jewelry has sentiment, power, beauty and always makes me feel more myself when I'm wearing it. I am fascinated by antique and vintage jewelry as it can come to me having already bared witness to a life other than my own. I think scratches, wear patterns and oxidation are beautiful - in them you have something so human and real. - Wendy